FAAC 391 Kit


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FAAC 391 Kit 24V

  • Compact, elegant design.
  • Versatile, simple installation.
  • Non-reversing gearmotor.
  • Built-in mechanical stops.
  • New electronic control unit with anti-crushing.
  • Emergency battery backup (optional).


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FAAC 391 Articulated Arm Electric Gate Kit 24V

Electro-Mechanical Single Gate Kit & Double Gate Kit.

The Articulated Arm kit is the choice for large gate posts, like brick pillars, where rams will not fit.
for residential swing-leaf gates with single-leaf max length of 2 m (2.5 m with an electric lock)
A good quality well maintained Articulated Arm kit will last you 7 years plus.

FAAC 391 Dimensions

The Kit

These kits come in single (for one gate) or double (for a pair of gates) kits. These are 24V Kits with a master and a slave motor. The master motor contains the control panel and controls the slave motor.

This kit is supplied with UK mains 240v power direct to the control panel within the master motor, the panel then has a step down transformer which will transform the power supplied to both motors to 24v, this voltage is considered to be much safer than the 230v version for a number of reasons, most notable being the fact that and exposure of the bare wires to the motors or any instances of the gates becoming live is reduced to 24v.

  • Compact, elegant design. Width – the crucial overall dimension – is as little as 185 mm!
  • Versatile, simple installation. The articulated arm allows high flexibility for the installation dimensions, enabling use also on large gate piers.
  • With the non-reversing gearmotor, there is no need to install electro-mechanical closing devices. In case of a power cut, the rotation of the (key protected) release device alone, makes it possible to move the gate manually.
  • The system has non reversing motors that hold the gates in the open and closed positions.
  • Built-in mechanical stops: no need to install opening and closing mechanical stops.
  • New electronic control unit with anti-crushing device and virtual encoder with reverse function upon detection of obstacle.
  • Emergency battery to ensure operation in case of powercut (optional).
  • Option to add BUS XIB interface for applications using NON BUS devices.
  • IMPORTANT: to ensure correct operation, make sure that the distance between the gate hinge and any walls or lateral fencing is greater than 725 mm.

What you get:

The full kit comes with the following: Click the links for details and specifications.

  1. FAAC 391E 24v Electro-mechanical master motor including E024S Control Panel.
  2. FAAC 391 24v Electro-mechanical slave motor without Control Panel.
  3. Gate Release Mechanism to each motor
  4. Release Keys (2)
  5. Control Panel (1)
    1. E024S – 24v Motors housed in master motor
  6. Safety Photocells (1 Pair)
    1. XP 20 D
  7. Receiver Card (1)
    1. XF868
  8. Keyfob Transmitters (2)
    1. XT2 – Standard
    2. XT4 – Upgrade
  • For leaves with a length exceeding 2 m, an electric lock must be fitted.
  • The weight of the leaf depends on its length. On graph A, check if your leaf is in the zone shown in the graph.
  • For a single-leaf gate, use a 391 E operator. For a two-leaf gate, use a 391E operator and a 391 operator.
  • IMPORTANT: Thanks to the new technologies, the E024S control board is compatible only with receiver XF 868 (facility for a connector) and with the XP20B (“bus”connection) photocells.

Optional Extras: Things to consider:

  • Intercom
    • This can be with or without keypad and either hardwired, digital wireless, wifi or GSM Satellite.
      • Intercoms need to be considered if you have no other way for people to indicate that they are at your property, as they may not be able to get to the door bell.
  • GSM Dialer
    • This wires to your control panel and when called by a phone will open the gates, can be more cost effective than many keyfobs.
  • Keypad
    • This allows you to give entry codes to people such as the gardener, postman, delivery drivers etc…
  • Push Button
    • This will allow people without a keyfob to let themselves out once they are locked in.
  • Loop Kit
    • This will automatically open the gates on approach by vehicles.
  • Timer
    • The timer allows you to run all or some of the above on a timed basis ie: you can shut off the push button operation between midnight and 7am.
  • Extra Photocells
    • The set you get with the gates go on the front of the gates and stop the gates from closing onto approaching cars while the gates are open, you may need a set of extra photocells for the inside to stop the gates from closing on a car trying to park if your drive is not a long one.
  • Safety Edges
    • These need to be considered on all possible crush points of the gate.
  • Locks
    • If your gate leafs are long or you have hydraulic none locking motors, you will need an electric lock for your gates.

These kits are available on next day delivery when ordered before 1 pm on weekdays, kits ordered on Friday will be delivered on Monday.

Next Day Delivery

Additional information

Weight22 kg
Kit Size

Double Kit (Pair), Single Kit


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