FAAC 391 24V Motor


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FAAC 391 24v Motor

  • Compact Design
  • Versatile, simple installation
  • Non-reversing gearmotor
  • Built-in mechanical stop
  • New electronic control unit with anti-crushing device
  • Emergency battery
  • 24v


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FAAC 391 Motor Replacement – 24V

Articulated Arm Motors 24V Master & Slave.

These motors are a simple swap out replacement for your existing FAAC 391 motor, so if you have a faulty motor you can just purchase a now one and swap it straight out.

Nothing complicated about it at all, just disconnect the motor leads from the control panel, undo the fixings which hold the motor in place, remove the link arm and the motor just lifts out.

Add the new motor, replace the fixings, fix the link arm back in position and connect the terminals back in the control panel.

All of your motor settings are within the control panel (master motor) so no need to adjust anything if changing the slave.

FAAC 391 Dimensions

Motor Variations: Choose Above:

  • 391 – 24v Slave version, for use with the 24v Panel within the master motor.
  • 391E – 24V Master Version with E024S Control Panel Included.

Motor Features:

  • Compact, elegant design. Width – the crucial overall dimension – is as little as 185 mm!
  • Versatile, simple installation. The articulated arm allows high flexibility for the installation dimensions, enabling use also on large gate piers.
  • With the non-reversing gearmotor, there is no need to install electro-mechanical closing devices. In case of a power cut, the rotation of the (key protected) release device alone, makes it possible to move the gate manually.
  • The system has non reversing motors that hold the gates in the open and closed positions.
  • Built-in mechanical stops: no need to install opening and closing mechanical stops.
  • New electronic control unit with anti-crushing device and virtual encoder with reverse function upon detection of obstacle.
  • Emergency battery to ensure operation in case of powercut (optional).
  • Option to add BUS XIB interface for applications using NON BUS devices.
  • IMPORTANT: to ensure correct operation, make sure that the distance between the gate hinge and any walls or lateral fencing is greater than 725 mm.

Technical Data Downloads:

What You Get:

  • Motor with attached power cable
    • Master will include control panel
  • Instructions


Motor Specs:

  • Power supply voltage 230 Vac
  • Electric motor voltage 24Vdc
  • Absorbed power 120W (110W -391)
  • Max torque 250Nm
  • Max angular speed 13o sec
  • Max leaf length* 2.5m
  • Max leaf weight** See graph A
  • Use frequency at 20 °C 1:25
  • Consecutive cycles at 20 °C 30
  • Operating ambient temperature -20 °C to +55 °C
  • Protection class IP 44
  • Weight 8.7kg (7.0kg – 391)
  • Dimensions (L x D x H) in mm 185 x 260 x 310

Other Information:

  • For leaves with a length exceeding 2 m, an electric lock must be fitted.
  • The weight of the leaf depends on its length. On graph A, check if your leaf is in the zone shown in the graph.
  • For a single-leaf gate, use a 391 E operator. For a two-leaf gate, use a 391E operator and a 391 operator.
  • IMPORTANT: Thanks to the new technologies, the E024S control board is compatible only with receiver XF 868 (facility for a connector) and with the XP20B (“bus”connection) photocells.

Kits Available Here:

Extra Options:

  • Manual release key 7131005
  • Manual release keyring UK-Keyring
  • Battery backup 390923
  • XIB Bus Interface 790062
  • BUS cable 100m 6 core.5 N-Bus cable

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Weight18 kg
Motor Model

Master, Slave


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