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NEW Grey Control Panel Enclosures From BFT

Global roll-out for grey control panel casings

Who didn’t like the blue? Is it just me or did everyone prefer the old grey colour panels of the 2000’s?
Bft have obviously seen the benefits of the old grey colour V’s their newer dark blue design, because they are changing back… hooorah!

Bft Automation is changing the colour of the control panel casings globally this summer. The new casings will change from the current dark blue appearance to a light grey colour.

The change to the new grey colour provides better protection for the internal control panel in high temperature conditions. Baking hot sunshine and high temperatures are something of a rarity in the UK, even in the very best British summers; however the lighter colour reflects the heat better, keeping the ambient internal temperature lower.

The control boards and the size of the casings will remain exactly the same as before – only the colour is changing.
The new coloured casings will be introduced over the next few months. If you have any questions about control boards, please contact BFT directly.

So its back to Photoshop then to change all of the kit photos for the website… again 🙁

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