BFT Giuno Ultra BT Kits



  • 24V Hydraulic Ram Commercial Gate Kit.
  • Up to 800kg Per Gate Leaf 5m length.
  • 110 ° Opening Angles
  • Open & Close Hydraulic Locking
  • Manual Release Mechanism Fitted
  • 14 to 20 Seconds Opening Time to 90°
  • Commercial Kit for Very Intensive Use
  • 230V Mains Supply
  • 24v Output to the Motors
  • Limits are Magnetic
  • D-Track Impact Reaction
  • IP55 Protection Rated


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BFT Giuno Ultra BT Kits – Electric Gate Kit for Commercial Use.

The BFT Giuno Ultra BT A20 Kit & The BFT Giuno Ultra BT A50 Kit are BFT’s 24V upgrade replacements for the former LUX BT 24V Rams.

The BFT Giuno Ultra BT is BFT’s best selling and most desired automation arm kit, it is a hydraulic semi commercial electric gate kit which is suited specifically for installs on to steel or wooden pillars. The Giuno motors are 24V hydraulic motors for hinged leaf gates up to 5m and 800kg per leaf. The motor is designed for intensive use and has an opening time of 14 to 20 seconds to 90°.

While being supplied with 240v mains electricity, these motors are connected through the Thalia P control panel which steps the motor supplied voltage down to 24v, therefore making the motors much more efficient but more importantly safer.

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Kit Variations:
  • GIUNO ULTRA BT A20 – 24v Hydraulic Ram Kit for a Pair of Gates – 14sec’s
  • GIUNO ULTRA BT A20S – 24v Hydraulic Ram Kit for a Single Gate – 14sec’s
  • GIUNO ULTRA BT A50 – 24v Hydraulic Ram Kit for a Larger Pair of Gates – 20sec’s
  • GIUNO ULTRA BT A50S – 24v Hydraulic Ram Kit for a Larger Single Gate – 20sec’s


Control units with programming display: new simplified scenario-based programming, Bluetooth connectivity, RS-485, TCP/IP.
Selectable block system: the operators can be converted to reversible, with opening block, closing block or double block. All this by the simple turn of a key.
New magnetic limit switch: with D-Track technology, offers great precision of manoeuvre and positioning. Double sensor system which controls slowdown in detail. High resistance to dust, water and ice.

24V Control Units :

Thalia P

GIUNO BT A5024 Vup to 800 kgup to 5 m


GIUNO BT A5024 VPower Input90w
Type of limit switchMagneticUseful Rod Stroke392mm
Impact ReactionD-TrackMaximum Angle110°
SlowdownYesCycle Time20s
Control UnitThalia PReleaseTriangle Key
Board Power Supply230VFrequency of UseVery Intensive
Max Weight of Gate Leaf800kgProtection RatingIP55
Max Width of Gate Leaf5mEnvironmental Conditions-20 ÷ 60°c


GIUNO BT A2024 Vup to 300 kgup to 2 m


GIUNO BT A2024 VPower Input90w
Type of limit switchMagneticUseful Rod Stroke270mm
Impact ReactionD-TrackMaximum Angle110°
SlowdownYesCycle Time14s
Control UnitThalia PReleaseTriangle Key
Board Power Supply230VFrequency of UseVery Intensive
Max Weight of Gate Leaf300kgProtection RatingIP55
Max Width of Gate Leaf2mEnvironmental Conditions-20 ÷ 60°c
Technical Information:

BFT Giuno Video

All spare parts for this kit are available here: BFT Spare Parts

All accessories for this kit are available here: BFT Accessories


Encorporated which monitors the thrust required to operate safely. This is a smart torque management system within the control unit. Taking data from several indicators, this system updates the level of thrust required during operation of the gates. D-Track also facilitates the installer in providing for the certifications required by law. Many control units do not “read” the exact position of the gate and Therefore apply constant thrust levels at all times during the opening and closing operations of the gates. These control devices record the slightest variation in the gate force, for example differences in temperature or wear, constantly supplying the optimum torque to the motor. Normal panels will confuse these variations with the presence of non-existent obstacles. d-track guarantees the maximum safety and perfect operation of the equipment, no matter what the climactic and temperature conditions and degree of mechanical wear.

EE LINK (230v & 24v)

Allowing for fast and safe programming. EELINK is a system developed by BFT which, by means of connection to handheld programmers (Unipro, Uniradio and Proxima), makes it possible to transfer data from automatic systems to PCs and vice versa. Thus EEdbase or U-base, the databases of the information stored in the installed systems, are constantly updated. Thanks to this software it possible to associate the necessary personal details with each system: owner’s address and details, name of maintenance technician, names of every remote control holder, etc. With EElink, just press a few buttons to easily manage the customer base or preventive maintenance. Even operations that were once complex become easier: for example, reconfiguring the control unit or the radio receiver in case of replacement or the setup of a control panel, starting from a standard or custom configuration.

ER Ready (230v & 24v)

The new coding system for direct cloning of remote controls.
Based on microprocessor technology, this system allows the cloning of any MITTO remote control in a MITTO REPLAY remote control.
In fact, the first remote control “teaches” the second one the correct code which is automatically saved in the receiver the first time it is used.
Everything occurs at the highest levels of security thanks to the use of the Rolling Code safe transmission system.

We also offer just the motors in our Spares area if you need to replace one.


In conclusion the SUB range is a very capable very durable, high intensity, commercial collection of underground hydraulic gate kits which are not easily out worked.

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Additional information

Dimensions100 × 120 × 75 cm
Kit Model

Giuno BT A20, Giuno BT A50

Kit Size

Double Kit (Pair), Single Kit


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