All Electric Gate Kits – Manufacturers such as BFT, FAAC, NICE & V2 – Underground Kits, Rams, Sliding Gate Kits, Electro-Mechanical and Hydraulic.

  • Barriers

    Barriers (1)

    Barriers - Traffic control barriers for automated traffic control - barriers with booms from 2m to 8m for the control of traffic into and out of car parks or industrial premesis.
  • Ram Kits

    Ram Kits (3)

    Automation Kits which use the Ram type arms - Either Hydraulic or Electro-Mechanical.
  • Underground Kits

    Underground Kits (6)

    Underground Electric Gate Kits - Electro-Mechanical and Hydraulic. - Underground kits are the most popular and the most used electric gate kits in the UK. These are the most reliable and also the least intrusive.
  • Electro-mechanical Kits

    Electro-mechanical Kits (9)

    Electro-mechanical Gate Kits - These kits use internal gears instead of hydraulic oil to drive the gates, the gears are usually greased although some underground motors are oil filled. These are less expensive than hydraulic motors.
  • Hydraulic Kits

    Hydraulic Kits (3)

    Hydraulic Gate Kits - These kits are generally more powerful than electro-mechanical kits and suffer less stress in windy situations. Often used in commercial situations, these kits are also perfect for heavy domestic gates or gates which are closed boarded which don't allow wind to pass through.