BFT Rigel 6 Control Panel


BFT Rigel 6 Control Panel for electric gates – 230V control panel for single or double drive gates.

  • 230V Control Panel
  • Built in Receiver
  • IP Rated
  • Rigel 5 Replacement
  • Works with all 230V BFT Motors
  • Next Day Delivery


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The RIGEL 6 control panel is designed to control one or more 230V operators up to 600w power.

The use of this control panel allows you to adjust the braking and torque of the operators.

Programming can be carried out by means of an integrated display.


Multi coloured cable connections in line with current control panels.

Built in 7 day time clock.

4 Chanel radio receiver.

Facility to remove individual transmitters.

Magnetic lock powered constantly during closing cycle.

U Link.

6 safe inputs, Safe 1&2 8K2.

Reset-able low voltage fuse.

Auto-set for both Hydraulic & Electro-mechanical motors.

Obstacle Detection (electro-mechanical motors ONLY).

Gate open/close buttons on control board.

Error messages on cover lid and on control panel (30 errors)

This panel is a direct replacement for the Rigel 5.
RIGEL6 also envisages: slowdown of the approach speed, separate closing and opening limit switch inputs: programmable opening and closing delay; exit for courtesy light and  zone light; separate inputs for the safety devices (opening and closing photocells, safety edge,ADMAP) 12  Vdc output for electric bolt or suction cup lock; output for controlling a stair light timer, a clock input usable for complete or pedestrian opening; connector traffic light/preheating card (SSR5) 2, 3 0r 4 step logic unit or with hold-to-run mode: separate opening and closing inputs; output for second radio channel/door LED  lock button; jog function when opening and closing locking maintenance; set up for centralised serial control, universal coupling for radio receiver  Complies with the EN 12453 and En 12445 standards, Compatible with the EElink protocol.
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Weight11 kg
Dimensions40 × 25 × 17 cm


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