BFT P 7 Hydraulic Arm Motor


BFT P 7 Hydraulic Ram Arm – 230V for gates 500kg or 7m leaf length

  • 500kg or 7m Leaf Length
  • 230V Hydraulic Motor
  • IP 55 Rated
  • Slow Down On Closing
  • Reversible
  • Very Intensive Use
  • Max Opening Angle 123°
  • Next Day Delivery Available
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BFT P 7 Hydraulic Arm / Ram.

P 7 Ram – Reversible hydraulic operator for swing gates up to 7 m. 500 kg in weight. Cycle time 42+slowdown s. Useful travel 390 mm. max angle 123 °.

These arms are used on larger / heavier gates, they are more powerful than the usual electro-mechanical rams and more powerful even than the other hydraulic rams.

  • The rear articulated brackets and jointed rod make installation simple and reliable in all situations.
  • The brass release knob, protected with a personal key, facilitates the manual opening of the gate in the event of a power cut.
  • The closing slowdown guarantees silent, smooth movements on even the biggest gates. Also, the adjustment screw makes it possible to adapt the slowdown intensity to needs of each situation.

    For use with the Rigel 6 Control Panel

  • PDF Download – Technical Data – Motor Size
  • PDF Download – Technical Data 2
  • PDF Download – Fitting Instructions
  • PDF Download – Connection Data

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Weight15 kg
Dimensions150 × 20 × 20 cm


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