FAAC 455D Control Panel 230v


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  • 230V Supply
  • 230V Motor Outputs
  • 10W Power Absorbed
  • 800W Motor Max Load
  • 2 Fuses
  • Terminal Board Inputs
  • Terminal Board Outputs
  • Rapid Connector
  • Next Day Delivery
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FAAC 455D Control Panel – 230V

Control Panel for the Control of One or Two 230V Motors.

These Control Panels are a simple swap out replacement for your existing 445D Control Panel, so if you have a faulty panel you can just purchase a new one and swap it straight out.

Nothing complicated about it at all, just disconnect the connection blocks from the control panel, unscrew and remove the old panel and replace with the new, then connect the connection blocks.

A new panel may be needed due to water ingress or insect invasion which has caused a short which will burn out your old panel.

All of your motor settings are within the old control panel so the new panel will need to be re-commissioned.

FAAC Underground Install

455D Control Panel:

  • 455D Technical Spec:
    • 230V Supply
    • 230V Motor Outputs
    • 10W Power Absorbed
    • 800W Motor Max Load
    • 2 Fuses
    • Terminal Board Inputs
      • Open
      • Open Free Leaf
      • Stop (Closed)
      • Opening Safety Devices
      • Closing Safety Devices
      • Power Supply & Earth
      • Opening & Closing Limit Switches (gatecoder)
    • Terminal Board Outputs
      • Flashing Light
      • Motors
      • 24Vdc Power Supply Accessories
      • 24Vdc Indicator Light
      • Fail Safe
      • 12Vac Electric Lock Power Supply
    • Rapid Connector
      • Decoding Cards
      • RP Card Receivers
    • Status Signalling – Vis Display
  • 455D Functions:
    • Function Logics
      • Semi-automatic
      • Automatic
      • Safety
      • Stepped Semi-automatic
      • Stepped automatic
      • Stepped Safety
      • Semi-automatic B
      • Dead Man C
    • Open & Close Time  0 to 120 sec’s
    • Pause Time 0 to 4 min’s
    • Closing Leaf Delay 0 to 4 min’s
    • Thrust Power – Adjustable on 50 levels for each motor
    • Work Times Learning – 0-20 sec’s Learning of each leaf + Timed travel limit deceleration.
    • Deceleration
      • Timed
      • With Limit Switch
      • With Gate Coder

Technical Data Downloads:

What You Get:

  • Control Panel
  • Instructions


Panel Specs:

  • See individual panels above

Other Information:

  • These panels can be used with other motors of the same voltage and similar spec.

Next Day Delivery

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