NICE ON2E Keyfob



  • 2 Channel
  • 433mhz Frequency
  • Rolling Code
  • Easy to Program
  • Compact


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NICE ON2E Keyfob Remote.

The Nice ON2E Keyfob 2 channel rolling code remote for NICE control panels and gate kits, 433mhz rolling code frequency.

Order this to replace a lost or broken NICE Keyfob for your electric gates, this will work with your NICE gate control panels  to open and close the gates with the click of a button, these are two channel so you can have two sets of gates, a garage door and a gate or full and pedestrian opening on one keyfob.

Comes complete with batteries and instructions, ready to use.

Easy to program from one remote to another with self learning or program straight into the control panel.

Compatible with all NICE Control Panels

These are easily programmed from your existing keyfob by lining one up against the other and pressing a sequence of buttons, this is all detailed in the instructions when you get them, you can also program this remote straight into the control panel if you do not have another working remote handy.

Next Day Delivery.

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