NICE MC824H Control Panel


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Nice MC824H Control Panel 24V

  • 24V Panel
  • 230V Supply
  • BlueBus
  • Battery Backup Available
  • Safe Edge Compatible
  • Solar Power Option
  • Obstacle Detection


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NICE MC824H Control Panel – 24V

Control Panel for the Control of One or Two 24V Motors.

These Control Panels are a simple swap out replacement for your existing NICE 24v Control Panel, so if you have a faulty panel you can just purchase a new one and swap it straight out.

Nothing complicated about it at all, just disconnect the connection blocks from the control panel, unscrew and remove the old panel and replace with the new, then connect the connection blocks (May need to wire into new connection blocks if not swapping for another MC824).

A new panel may be needed to replace your old one due to water ingress or insect invasion which has caused a short which will burn out your old panel.

All of your motor settings are within the old control panel so the new panel will need to be re-commissioned.

NICE Underground Install

NICE MC824H Control Panel:

This control board has been designed to control both single swing-leaf and double swing-leaf gates for vehicle and pedestrian access control.

Compatible with the Solemyo Solar Power System:

No Blackout system, will continue to run in the event of a power failure with the use of backup batteries but will also run solely from battery power and the use of the solar energy kit.

Compatible with the Opera system:

whose multifunction O-View display (mountable in the box) enables the system to be personalised, modifying the opening and closing positions, staggered closing of the leafs and decelerations, diversifying the parameters such as force, speed and obstacle sensitivity for each motor.

Universal power supply:

120/230 VAC 50/60Hz Microprocessor logic: the MC800 control unit combines the advantages of the Opera system with the advanced functions of the Nice systems (gradual start and deceleration, automatic memorising of both limit switch positions and pedestrian pass door function).

Safe and reliable:

thanks to obstacle detection with double technology throughout the travel and possibility of connecting latest generation resistive sensitive edges.


on start-up, indicator to confirm correct power supply and efficient operation of the control unit; automatic fault diagnostics and signalling via the flashing light and confirmation LEDs.

Installation couldn’t be simpler:

thanks to the system BlueBUS, enabling connection of the control unit and accessories by means of just two wires.

Radio receiver:

designed to take SM plug-in receivers

  • Technical Specifiactions:
    • Code – MC824H
    • Power supply (Vac 50/60 Hz) 230 +- 10%
    • Max. motor power and current (W; A) 360; 15
    • Maximum accessories power 24 V (A) 0.2
    • Maximum flashing light power (V; W) 12; 21
    • Maximum gate open indicator power CA (V; W) 24; 2
    • Maximum electric lock power (Vac; VA) 12; 15
    • Working time “TL” (s)
    • Pause time “TP” (s) 1 – 250
    • Delay 1st motor in opening TRA (s) Programmable
    • Delay 2nd motor in closing TRC (s) Programmable
    • Courtesy light time TCOR (s) 0: 250
    • Pre-flashing time TPRE (s) 0: 10
    • Force adjustment (%)
    • Anti-crushing device (sensitivity) min ÷ max
    • Case dimensions (mm) – 230x125x300

Technical Data Downloads:

What You Get:

  • Control Panel with housing
  • Instructions


Panel Specs:

  • See individual panels above

Other Information:

  • These panels can be used with other motors of the same voltage and similar spec.

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