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Rolling Code v’s Fixed Code Remotes

I get asked all of the time, what is the difference between Rolling Code and Fixed Code and why have both?

Well there is no quick answer to this question.

Fixed Code

Fixed code was the industry standard back in the day and everyone used it, all remotes available were fixed code of the mainly 10 dip switch type (10 on/off switches on the inside of your remote which you could switch either on or off to create your own unique code). This worked quite well right up until your local criminal realised that the code transmitted to open your gates was the exact same code every time it was transmitted.

Once in the possession of a frequency scanner, said criminal could scan the code you transmitted to let yourself in to your property, copy it and then re transmit it later on to let himself in!

Rolling Code

Rolling Code was the answer to this, a code was developed which transmitted one code to the gate control panel and then both panel and fob would switch to a completely different code for the next hand shake… So anyone scanning this code would not be able to use it a second time to open the same set of gates.

Most codes these days still run on the 433mhz frequency which is actually frowned upon because it interferes with the likes of Police radio, fire etc… 878 is much more friendly but has only been adopted by a small number of manufacturers such as FAAC.

One thing to be aware of is that if you do have Rolling Code or more still 878 Rolling Code, It will be more difficult for you to get remotes from anywhere other than your original supplier. Some companies/Installers will also code remotes to their own company code, in which case you will not be able to get remotes from anywhere else but through them. Remotes/Panels which employ this technology include some V2 installations.

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