BFT DESME Photocells


BFT DESME Photocells

  • 12/24V
  • Safety Photocells
  • IP Rated
  • NO / NC Contacts
  • Link Multiple Sets
  • 30m Range
  • Next Day Delivery Availble
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BFT DESME – Safety Photocells

The BFT DESME photocell has taken over from the old c130 photocells.

The Photocells come as a pair, 1 TX transmitter and 1 RX receiver



  • + power (12/24v)
  • – power (12/24v)
  • NO Normally Open
  • NC Normally Closed
  • Common


  • + power (12/24v)
  • –  power (12/24v)

These are for use as a safety device for electric gates and doors, these infra red beams will allow your gates to operate as they should while the the infra red beam is being sent by the master and received by the slave cell. Once the beam is broke eg: a car drives between the two beams and breaks the infra red connection, then gates will not close.

If the gates were closing when the beam is broken, the gates will (if set to do so in the control panel) stop and then re-open.

The gates will then not close until the beam is re-connected eg: the car has passed trough and is clear of the beam.

This device will prevent the gates from closing on to any approaching vehicle, bike, person or any other object or being which breaks the beam during operation.

If the beam is broken during opening, the gates will, with standard control panel settings, continue to open (unless they are set to stop in the control panel) but will not close until the beam is reconnected.

Nothing will happen if the beam is broken while the gates are idle.


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