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Do I Need To Have A Lock On My Electric Gates?

Another question which keeps popping up all of the time is this one.

To Lock – or – Not To Lock?

The answer to “do i need an electric lock?” that i usually give people is relevant to the answer i receive following the question… “What do you want from your gates?”

You see, no matter what you do as regards security, you will only ever provide a deterrent! Those people who tell me they want to completely secure their property from intrusion are informed that this simply is not possible. Even if you brick it up, If they want in, they will get in. If they couldn’t keep Hatton Garden secure from intruders, what hope do you have.

If you provide enough of a deterrent at your gates to make things difficult, then any opportunist will move on to the next less secure option.

The top and bottom of it is this – Many electric gate kits will come with self locking motors, now this is ok on its own if: (a) the gate leafs are not big enough to provide leverage enough to cause damage when the gates get pushed by a pedestrian who does not understand that the gates are automated. or (b) the gates are not closed boarded and the wind can pass through, so not causing constant stress to the motors. Adding a lock will help with the reverse of these situations but will not completely secure your property from intrusion.

Electric locks will engage and dis-engage from the control panel when the keyfob or other device instructs the gates to operate.

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